Ivy’s Bistro Appears to Be Closed

ripps_113-079.dng ripps_113-080.dngLongtime neighborhood restaurant Ivy’s Bistro appears to be closed, if the photo C. just sent over is any indication. (I’ve tried emailing and calling.) Oddly, OpenTable shows reservations still available. UPDATE #1: “Just walked by, it’s being emptied of everything,” commented Robert Ripps (and he sent the two photos at right). So I would say it’s closed for good.”

It’s certainly a blow for affordable dining in the neighborhood, although it’s not a huge surprise. In May of 2012, Matt Abramcyk (Smith & Mills, Tiny’s) presented plans to Community Board 1 for turning Ivy’s into a restaurant called Maritime; Ivy’s owner Mike Gibson, however, reported that they never came to an agreement and that he intended to serve out the two-plus years left on the lease.

Is Maritime still happening? I’ve reached out to Abramcyk, although I’m not sure he’s forgiven me for posting the rumor about Geoffrey Zakarian coming onboard to turn Super Linda into an outpost of the National. In the meantime, and possibly for no good reason, here are the Maritime plans from 2012. UPDATE #2: Abramcyk confirmed via text that he and his S&M Smith & Mills partner Akiva Elstein are interested in the Ivy’s space: “Mike has been the best neighbor one could hope to have and Ivy’s will be missed. We have been talking to the landlord and we are very hopeful we can do a breakfast lunch and dinner service for all our neighbors in the community that we love so much.” No word on whether it’ll incorporate Smith & Mills, which of course is in the same building as Ivy’s. My understanding is that the entire building is being renovated, which may mean that Smith & Mills has to be closed at some point.

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  1. Did this become the restaurant Navy in SoHo instead?

  2. Just walked by, it’s being emptied of everything. So I would say it’s closed for good.