Seen & Heard: Busted Water Main Makes for a Dazzling Fountain

••• Thanks to T. for sending in this video of a water main break at Broadway and Walker yesterday evening. And Shmuli Evers tweeted a photo (below) of it.

••• From a reader: “The strange thing about that window washer story is that about 3 weeks ago a man fell from the top floor of the Puffy’s building and landed right at my feet as I was waiting for the bus! I believe he was a window washer as well. Did you hear anything about that story? I have been wondering if he survived that fall—I called 911 right away and stayed with him until they took him away in the ambulance. Later that day I called 311 to see if I could find out about his condition and they could only tell me that he arrived at Bellevue alive.” This is the first I’ve heard of it. Anyone know anything?

••• Mulberry & Vine is now letting you put an egg on it, which I’m a huge fan of. The egg is from Goffle Road Farm and poached sous vide.

••• The Art on Paper fair that had been scheduled to star tomorrow on Pier 26 got moved to Pier 36 on the East River.

••• After Downtown Deli closed, I said I couldn’t keep track of all the delis to close. Drew wisely takes another tack: “I count seven real deal delis left in Tribeca: Morgan’s Market, Hudson Market, United Grocery & Deli on Hudson, Corner Gourmet, Tribeca Park Cafe & Fresh Food Deli & Grocery on W. Broadway, Deli Marie on Duane. (Six if you consider Fresh Food a bodega more than a deli, like I do.)” On Broadway, there’s also Andy’s Deli (by Reade) and Mon Cher by Worth. Are we missing any? I have a feeling this list will come in handy. UPDATE: Bob points out there’s also Church Street Kitchen and, on Vesey, Stage Door Deli. And James reminds us of Bits & Bites on Park Place. And there’s also a deli (with kooky signs in the window) on Worth east of Broadway.



  1. the its either poached, or its sous vide, not both

  2. It’s sad that some of our beloved Deli’s are becoming 7-11’s. Damn the man, save the empire.