Seen & Heard: Rumor About the Harrison Space

••• Opening March 24 at R & Company: “Lina Bo Bardi + Roberto Burle Marx.”

Roberto Burle Marx••• I hear that the empty retail space at 281 Broadway (next to Chipotle) is being taken by a physical therapist. That makes three new ones in southeast Tribeca, after the one on Reade and the one coming to Duane.

••• And now a rumor you’ll really care about…. I can’t vouch for the sourcing of this—it’s a someone-told-someone situation, and we must always take rumors with a grain of salt, but I hear that the Harrison space will be a high-end French restaurant, and that the landlord is involved in it. Beats a Starbucks! UPDATE: It turned out to be more French than fancy.

The Harrison 355 Greenwich••• Tribeca Trust sent out an alert that the city is considering zoning changes that would “lift hard-fought-for neighborhood zoning protections and height limits for new development—by as much as 20 to 30%” in places like Tribeca.

••• I was walking along Cortlandt Alley the other day when I noticed that demolition is finally happening inside 396 Broadway (southeast corner of Walker). So maybe the “four-star boutique hotel” is back on?

396 Broadway••• How will Le District send me this invitation it posted everywhere if it doesn’t know my address?! (Anyway, it confirms the opening date first posted here.)

Le District invitation



  1. How could the landlord (a real estate company, per the city website) be involved in the Harrison space?

  2. Maison Eric kayser is coming in..check this out: