In the News: Warren Street Penthouse Finally Sells

••• The penthouse at 60 Warren finally sold. “The buyer is shielded by LLC ‘Mavis Skarloey,’ which oddly enough is an indirect reference to Thomas the Tank Engine.” —Curbed

••• DNAinfo fans the flames about some of the new pre-kindergarten seats being in the same FiDi building as Exponents, a “voluntary, outpatient facility that treats drug and alcohol abusers as well as ex-convicts transitioning back into life outside of prison and those suffering from HIV or AIDS.”

••• Tyra Banks will rent out her Battery Park City apartment for $50,000 per month. —New York Daily News

••• BFX Studio “boutique fitness gym is gearing up to open next week in the Financial District.” It’s at 30 Broad. —Racked

••• Manhattan Loft Guy looks at director Kathryn Bigelow’s purchase at 449 Washington—and why her downstairs neighbor in the new development might be displeased.

••• Confirmation that WeWork is creating its WeLive apartments at 110 Wall Street: “Rudin bought roughly 35,000 feet of air rights last summer from the hotel next door. WeWork is using it to flesh out a residential area on the top of the building that will include small apartments but also many community amenities, sources said.” —New York Post