Fresh Intel on the New Pizzeria

Remember how Remington heard that a pizzeria was opening in the recently vacated Zoie’s Café space at 49 Beach? Retired Rose was walking by when she saw a few guys hanging out in front of the space, so she asked what their plans were. It turns out that one was the owner of Il Mattone (at Hubert and Greenwich till it closed after Sandy hit), and he confirmed that it’ll be a pizzeria. He also “said they will have other food as specials, maybe even burgers as specials,” says Rose. “It won’t be opening for several months.”

The photo above is of an Il Mattone pizza, by Jim U. on Yelp.

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  1. Great news about the return of Il Mattone.! They were a neighborhood staple and we will happily welcome the return of their fantastic pies.

  2. so happy to here of the Il Mattone coming back to where they belong. lots of luck.