Seen & Heard: Window Washers Risking Death

••• This has to stop. (The reader who tweeted it said not to credit.)

window washer••• I hear that the demolition of 149-151 Church (the east side, between Chambers to Warren) will begin soon, and sure enough, the Department of Buildings demolition permits have been approved. The Schedule A says the new 12-story building will have 24 apartments: three apartments on floors 2-6, two apartments on floors 7-9, and one apartment on floors 10-12. Floors seven and up will have “accessory terraces,” and there will be a roof deck. Oddly, there are DOB filings for a new one-story commercial building, as well as the 12-story one. I emailed the developer, Cape Advisors, hoping for an explanation (and even better, a rendering), but I have yet to hear back.

149-151 Church••• Billy Reilly’s lawyer sent out an email confirming what he told me last week about the former American Flatbread space: “Billy Reilly and his team at Tribeca Rooftop are taking the community’s comments under serious consideration and, as such, have determined not to move forward with the proposal to convert the space to a catering establishment. As such, the Community Board Notice of the application has been withdrawn and we will not be appearing at the May Community Board meeting. Once we have developed our new proposal we will advise the Community Board consistent with licensing requirements.”

••• Gunbae, the Korean barbecue restaurant and karaoke bar at 67 Murray, has come out from under the plywood. An improvement over when it was Lilly O’Briens. (Thanks to Lisa for the pic.)

Gunbae by Lisa••• WTC Progress confirmed that planting is complete of the northeast corner of the 9/11 Memorial. No word on when it’ll open.

tweet northeast 91 memorial••• A reader told me that the construction workers at 56 Leonard said that that block of Leonard (Church to W. Broadway) will be cobblestoned before the end of the year. Not so, says the Department of Transportation: “Once construction of 56 Leonard is completed, DOT will repave the street with asphalt.”

••• The Downtown Alliance is going to put up much snazzier holiday star lights this year. They were designed by Cooper Robertson.

holiday star courtesy Downtown Alliancecoutresy Downtown Alliance••• The Downtown Little School’s annual auction is Friday, May 8 at Thalassa (7-10 p.m.). For tickets and to bid on auction items, visit here. The online auction opens April 29.



  1. What’s going on at 19 Park Place, that sliver building between Murray and Park Place. They have had two lanes closed off on Murray St for better than two years, and there has been no visible activity at the building for months.

  2. The 1-story construction filing may be an attempt to get any permit to build a foundation before the 421a tax breaks expire this Spring.

  3. Maybe your contact at DoT can explain why deafeningly loud repaving work (scraping asphalt, trucks and steamrollers) is allowed to happen at 2 am in residential Tribeca, like last night.

    • This has been going on for years and years in North Tribeca. DOT gives out overnight permits for non-emergency work whenever they feel like it. They do not care at all about the quality of life of the residents in this city. It’s all about the convenience of the companies who want the work done and drivers, many of whom don’t even live in the city. When I’ve complained, the person I have spoken to softly admits that work could be done between 10 and 3 PM or on weekends, but the DOT powers-that-be don’t give a rat’s ass.

  4. Maybe investors in that sliver building between Murray and Park Place pulled out after realizing it’ll break in half next hurricane

  5. Sorry to comment.
    But your site has jumped my shark.
    Way too commercial.
    And boring.
    Not your fault TBCA is now land of nannies!

  6. You’re welcome! Made my day!