Seen & Heard: The Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour Starts Today

••• A correction about that NYPD’s World Trade Center security post:  I confused the WTC command center (currently on Varick, where it will remain, at least for now) and the WTC substation, which used to be in the World Center Hotel and is what’s moving to 90 West.

••• I just realized that the 19th-annual T.O.A.S.T.—the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour (warning: the site plays Radiohead)—starts today and runs through Monday. It’s free and it’s fun, open houses rather than a tour per se. (I don’t know whose studio is pictured below; I got it off the event’s Facebook page. UPDATE: That’s CJ Collins’s studio at 71 Leonard, featuring her work and neon work by Marco Guglielmino.)

courtesy TOAST••• Congratulations to Mulberry & Vine: It’s opening a restaurant in the NoMad area.

••• Looks like Bubby’s would like to open a soda fountain somewhere in the city. I’m onboard! I love ice cream sodas, but they’re increasingly hard to find. At Il Laboratorio del Gelato the other day, I got excited when I saw they had peppermint stick ice cream (and it wasn’t even December!) and “ice cream soda” on the menu. I asked for one with chocolate soda, and the guy looked at me blankly—and then pointed to the cans of Pellegrino, with which I guess he could make a float…?

Bubbys on Better Brokers••• The Reade side of the Reade Chambers has been unveiled. Very nice. (Chambers side here.)

••• X is playing three City Winery shows in August.