Seen & Heard: Cortlandt Alley Development

••• So pleased to see that the weather cooperated for Taste of Tribeca on Saturday! A special shout-out to the seven restaurants that have supported the event for 21 years now: Bouley, Bubby’s, Duane Park Patisserie, Gigino Trattoria, The Odeon, Tribeca Grill, and Walker’s.

••• Remember how General Tools and Art in General are leaving 79 Walker? The building goes through to White, fronting Cortlandt Alley the whole way. I guessed that it would go condo, but a commenter from Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance said that “Smarter money says something special is coming.” (What a tease.) So I spent a few minutes the other day looking at the building and wondering…. Single-family residence? Hotel?

79 Walker Art in General••• And then I looked across the street at 80 Walker. That building wants to go condo.

80 Walker••• I’m trying to persuade Grand Banks to sell the caps that the staffers wear.

Grand Banks cap••• The door to Parm in Brookfield Place was open, forcing a reader to take a pic….

Parm••• A friend whose taste I trust says that Grandaisy Bakery‘s marmalade is really good and not always available. (I didn’t buy it because we have at least two jars of Adam’s grandmother’s famous orange-and-ginger marmalade.)

Grandaisy Bakery marmalade••• M.M. De Voe tweeted a pic of the Malt House, opening at 9 Maiden Lane. They did a nice job.

Malt House by MM De Voe


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  1. Agree Malt House looks good. Also the Walker/Cortland building certainly inspires something special that keeps the structure and ambience of the facade and building. Hotel would be good ?