In the News: Spotted Pig Restaurateurs Opening in the Top of FiDi Tower

Nike 45 Grand••• That answers that: “Since last fall, a select few fashion editors and ‘social media mavens’ have been plucked from the front row of SoulCycle and invited to take Tuesday and Thursday yoga, barre, HIIT and Nike + Run Club jogs at 45 Grand, a Nike Training Center named for its Soho address.” Could the Nike marketing department have too big of a budget for its own good? —Racked (rewriting WWD)

70 Pine••• “Spotted Pig restaurateurs April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman are planning to launch a glamorous, four-level restaurant/lounge atop” 70 Pine, which is being converted to rentals. “The space will be an open-to-the-public restaurant/lounge with perhaps 150 to 200 seats, although building residents will enjoy priority reservations. […] One of the floors would be a true fine-dining restaurant, while the others will offer small plates along with wine and cocktails, sources said. The restaurant should be ready to open in about a year.” —New York Post

••• As you read here first, Drybar confirmed its plans to open in Brookfield Place. Expect it in October. —Racked

••• The New York Times has more on the first of Liberty Park’s 54 trees planted yesterday. Of note: The park might open by early 2016, after which work will start on the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Meanwhile, “the northeast corner of the National September 11 Memorial plaza, will open next month.”

••• “A drunken [Manhattan] couple was arrested at the posh Soho Grand Hotel Sunday night when they dropped their toddler on the floor of the bar and then got belligerent with cops who were called to the scene, authorities said.” —New York Post