Seen & Heard: Is the Copenhagen Doomed?

••• After I posted about Tribeca Cinemas and 13-17 Laight yesterday, I happened to walk by—and I realized that the Copenhagen is in the same building. If the owner does indeed want to tear the building down, the restaurant is at risk, to say the least. I’ve reached out to the restaurant for an update, but I have yet to hear back. The school—or whatever it was—that was between the Copenhagen and Tribeca Cinemas has left.

••• This Saturday at Reade Street Animal Hospital: an open house for all ages and breeds, with animal balloons, face painting, refreshments, prizes, and a chance to get a peek behind the scenes and chat with the doctors (sure to be appealing to all those kids who want to be vets when they grow up). It’s 2-4 p.m. Sponsored.

ReadeStAH4••• Tara of Tribeca, the bar at 20 Warren that has ticked off neighbors by trying to do an end run around their opposition to a late liquor license, is said to be making another attempt with the State Liquor Authority. (It doesn’t have to go before Community Board 1 again.) UPDATE: I hear it has opened, probably with a temporary liquor license.

••• So great to see Yoya’s Park, as the Greenstreets wedge along Sixth Avenue is called, get some love.

Yoyas Park••• Flyers are up on Duane for a shoot tomorrow for what appears to be a commercial for Progressive car insurance, so at least the hassle is for something worthwhile.

••• There’s signage at 377 Broadway (southwest corner of White) for New York Kitchen & Bath. I called the NYBK showroom on 19th St., and they said this isn’t a new showroom—they’re just doing work there for a client. Last we had heard, the space was going to be a Keller Williams real estate office.

177 Broadway



  1. Thanks to the Parks Department, especially the Horticulture Crew, for this fantastic makeover of “Yoya’s” Greenstreet. The Friends of Tribeca Park have included this parcel in our scope of work over the years. We have managed to keep it looking presentable and get the car off the sidewalk (somewhat), but this new planting is a game-changer. I haven’t counted but there must be 40 new plants. The garden should look great this summer. Anyone wanting to help with ongoing care can contact for volunteer opportunities.

  2. Yoya’s Park has a few beautiful linden trees.