The Copenhagen Has Closed

As expected, the Copenhagen has likely served its last smørrebrød. The windows are papered and a sign on the door says the restaurant is “closed for the summer,” but given that Tribeca Cinemas is getting the boot because the entire building (13-17 Laight) is probably going condo (possibly as is, but more likely with with a big topper or torn down and built anew), I think we can say, as the Danish do, “Farvel.” (Also, the only previous restaurants around here to have gone on summer holiday—Kutsher’s, Corton, Centrico—never reopened.) I did try reaching out when the possibility first of arose, but I never heard back.

When I turned the corner onto Varick yesterday afternoon, I saw a group of real estate types standing and staring up at the building….

COpenhagen sign


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  1. We will also be closed for the fall, winter, spring, next summer and you get the picture. What’s the deal with restaurants always lying about closing for good?