A New 10-Story Building on Chambers

108 chambersWhen Greystone bought 108 Chambers—where the Imperial Coffee House, Basics Plus, and City Hall Wine & Spirits were—in April, the company said that it would honor the two leases previously signed by new commercial tenants. I guess that fell apart, because the residents of neighboring 38 Warren just got a memo saying that 108 Chambers is being torn down and a 10-story building is going up. (I do hope someone salvages the liquor store’s round storefront

It’s directly across Church from the future site of a 12-story building (pictured below), and next door to two doors down from a parcel on Chambers (112-114) that was said to be getting developed once the Chambers construction stopped. UPDATE: 112-114 Chambers was to be turned into rentals; no clue if that’s still the plan.

149-151 Church



  1. UGH. After 4-5 years living through the Chambers street construction we now will be graced with both south corners at the Church intersection being torn down. I only hope it improves the area. But, sigh more dirt, noise and mess. By the time it’s all over it will be about a decade of construction.

  2. Not to mention the never ending Cosmopolitan rental vacancies and construction scaffolding without any work going on!