Seen & Heard: This Feels Like the End of an Era

••• Tribeca Cinemas has indeed closed. The removal of the sign will give you a shock when you see it.

••• Can’t vouch for the sourcing of this rumor, but it’s intriguing just the same: Could Trader Joe’s be opening a store in the Janovic space at 161 Sixth Ave. (at Spring)? Janovic, after all, is moving over to Thompson.

161 Sixth Ave••• Cercle Rouge‘s Bastille Day party (with petanque tournament) is on July 14. Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra will perform, and there will be cancan dancers and foosball (?). No word yet on whether the guillotine of years past will make an appearance.

There's something very French about smoking while in a guillotine.••• For posterity: 268 West as a near-vacant lot.

268 West••• Two more film shoots: Signs posted near One York for “CMS Prod” (thanks, that’s illuminating; probably this company) shooting on Friday and Saturday, and on Greenwich above Canal for “Vogue MK” shooting today.

••• Some interesting discussion about where to order Indian food from now that Baluchi’s has closed. Do add a recommendation to that comment thread if you have one.



  1. Erik, let’s please please please pray TJ’s comes to lower manhattan!!!

  2. the end of an era?….that’s been happening for 5 years. its just going parabolic now.
    the end result is always the same, this time is not different…….

  3. The owners of 28 Liberty (Chase Plaza) have been told to get Trader Joe’s as one of their anchor tenants as they redo the base of their tower into more than 200,000 sf of retail. It’s the perfect location for TJ’s and would provide a big draw of customers for the other retailers to come. They heard us loud and clear and the community board meeting. :-)

  4. i heard (through a real estate friend) TJs is coming to broadway (?)