Seen & Heard: The Spring Street Salt Shed Is Taking Shape

••• As first mentioned here back in 2013, the former National City Bank of New York building at 415 Broadway is going to be Duane Reade (and not a Walgreen’s—I’m sure there’s an important distinction).

415 Broadway Dunae Reade••• In case you missed it, I added a floor plan and sample menu to the post about Keith McNally’s Augustine, opening Feb. 1 at the Beekman Hotel.

••• There is (was?) a groundbreaking ceremony at 111 Murray today.

111 Murray groundbreaking••• Flyers are up on N. Moore for a Levi’s shoot today.

••• The stink at the northwest corner of Chambers and Church, which had been pretty consistent, was gone last night and still gone this morning; moreover, the workers are gone from Chambers between Church and Broadway. So maybe they fixed it?

••• The sidewalk shed is going up at 149-151 Church, meaning demolition will start soon. The awnings came down the other day, revealing this old sign.

149-151 Church sign••• Tantalizing glimpses of the Spring Street Salt Shed, now under construction at Canal/West/Spring (click to enlarge). I don’t think the finished surface will be raw concrete, at least based on the rendering (at bottom)—although it looks sort of nice.

Spring Street Salt Shed from Canal Street Spring Street Salt Shed from SpringSpring Street Salt Shed rendering posted




  1. The city has been doing road work on the corner of Broadway and White for the past 3 nights and they keep drilling/jackhammering til past midnight. Ridiculous how work can still go on in the middle of the night.

    • Want peace and quiet? That’s nice. Three words for you: move to Vermont.

      • Noise pollution is not an inevitable aspect of city living. New York lags behind other leading global cities in controlling noise. Do not accept the false premise that peace and quiet can only be obtained in Vermont, and demand better from city hall.

  2. I believe a call to 311 should be made. Oh and anyone who says move out of the city to get a better quality of life should themselves leave since they make the city a dump in many in ways noise can never be