Nosy Neighbor: What’s Moving into 415 Broadway?

My wife and I have been wondering what’s going into the old bank space on Broadway between Canal and Lispenard. It has been under construction for a while now. Do you know? —Sam

I mentioned the rumor back in July that the splendid Art Moderne National City Bank of New York building at 415 Broadway (southwest corner of Canal) was being turned into a Duane Reade, and now it’s been confirmed by a reliable source.

Rather than ask Duane Reade’s PR folks to also confirm it, I asked if they had a projected opening date. This was the reply: “Just heard back from store operations… no grand opening info available as of yet.”

UDPATE: On Facebook, Michael Marvisi says it’ll be a Walgreens (which owns Duane Reade). Same diff?

From Daytonian in Manhattan’s post on the building:

Architects Walker & Gillette were chosen to design the new building. Although the firm had become well-known for its neo-classical style buildings; with the coming of the Jazz Age it embraced something new: Art Deco. For the long, narrow plot Walker & Gillette designed an Art Moderne stone block with a soaring banking area and offices above. The monumental entrance on Broadway was capped by idealized sculptures of side-viewed eagles flanking the bank’s inset seal. Completed in 1927, the bank’s streamlined, clean lines were in stark contrast to the busy cast iron Victorian structures that surrounded it.  Architectural critic for The New Yorker, Lewis Mumford, approved saying “The note of modernism pervades this structure…and is splendidly successful.”

And here’s a photo that Daytonian ran, from the New York Public Library Collection, of the building in 1928:

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  1. Yay! Another drugstore in the neighborhood!