Seen & Heard: Time-Lapse Video of the Dancer Mural

••• Goaded Inspired by Nicole into actually doing something about the stench at the northwest corner of Church and Chambers—besides repeatedly complaining about it, of course—I filed a complaint on 311, as per her suggestion. Two days later, I checked online to see if anything had happened. The service request was listed as “Closed – No further updates” and that I could call 311 for further assistance. So I did, and I was transferred to an escalation specialist; now I’ve filed an agency complaint with the DEP (because closing my complaint with no explanation is BS), and they’re supposed to contact me in the next 14 days. Please consider filing a complaint on 311. I think the only way they’re going to address it is if we come at them en masse.

••• James commented that 228 W. Broadway, formerly home to the Bubble Lounge, will be “high end apparel retail” (but didn’t say where this info came from). After I posted about activity there, I learned that the owner doesn’t want to allow venting, which makes retail much more likely.

••• Much of the north side of Murray between Greenwich and West has been closed to pedestrians, which is a bummer (even though we knew it was coming) because that block gets packed with people going to and from Battery Park City.

Murray St••• I peeked into the doorway of 51 Leonard, where a ground-floor apartment is under renovation. Of note: The windows to the left look out onto the Con Ed substation next door.

51 Leonard apartment••• Flyers for “Violet,” which is actually a TV show called “A.k.a. Jessica Jones,” are up on Warren for yet another shoot today. They’ve been here a lot. Does anyone know if they’ve ever given back to the neighborhood? Let’s try to get them to donate to ACE. Any volunteers to call Thomas? You can say you’re from the Tribeca Citizen Action League.

Violet••• And maybe someone on W. Broadway can call Sean, because “The Affair” has been shooting frequently here, too. (The flyers below were on N. Moore and W. Broadway, respectively.)

The Affair NMooreThe Affair••• A time-lapse video of JR’s mural being installed at 100 Franklin.



  1. First off, that’s for the video of JR’s dancer mural. Love it!

    Re: file complaints with 311. I’ve had the same experience when filing complaints with them. The close the complaint and say the problem will be addressed in 30 days. Then the 30 days goes by and the problem isn’t fixed. So you call 311 again and the make you start the process from scratch. It’s a vicious circle until 1) you file a complaint against the agency responsible for fixing the problem and maybe they’ll call you back and discuss fixing the problem, 2) you call the agency yourself directly and try to get them to fix the problem, or 3) someone REALLY famous calls the agency and then the problem gets fixed quickly.

    Maybe some famous is reading your blog entry and will call up DEP to do something? Taylor? Beyonce?

    • One needs to call 311 and then DEP about the sewer issue.

      1. Call 311 or complain online. Keep a record of EVERY complaint date and service request number issued by 311. No city agency will move without them, even if you complain to the agency directly.

      2. If no action is taken, then contact DEP directly. Try Bureau of Public Affairs first, then Bureau of Water and Sewer Operations. You MUST cite every 311 complaint date and service request number. (Otherwise the response will be, “Well, no one ever complained” and they’ll do nothing.) With the right information and process, DEP will be very responsive, even if you are not Taylor Swift. :)

  2. Re the closure on Murray Street. this is just the latest symptom of making Tribeca sidewalks ‘no-go’ areas. Either it is construction sheds (often just used as convenient storage) which just remain in place for ever without any sort of control or the expansion of sidewalk cafes beyond the bounds they are supposed to occupy, (there are some rampant ones of those i could name – they are supposed to leave 8 feet of sidewalk free). It is becoming almost impossible to walk down any street and not have to zigzag around some obstacle all of which seem to be permitted without any oversight. Then of course, we have film crews……….