In the News: Tribeca Moms as Fashion Icons

••• As first gleaned here, “The upscale building 460 Washington, which is still under construction, will offer 22 units of low-income housing in its 107-apartment, 10-story building. Applications for the affordable units, which are being advertised with the address 456 Washington Street, will begin in the fall.” How those 22 units get allocated is fascinating. —DNAinfo

••• Christy Frank of Frankly Wines does some myth-busting with Food & Wine.

••• “Just like Primates of Park Avenue, Tribeca moms represent a category unto themselves. A passer-by walking up Greenwich avenue in mid-morning on any workday can see them strolling about in their $400 leggings, technical cashmere tops and latest Y3 sneakers. Their natural habitat is Juice Press or Kaffe 1668, favorite spots post-Tracy Anderson workout or an Aire Baths massage. The moms of Tribeca are poster children of ‘athleisure,’ the trend that shook fashion houses awake and gave sportswear brands a reason to introduce leopard print into their color palette. […] ‘Sweatpants are a sign of defeat,’ Karl Lagerfeld once said. More likely, today they are the sign of a modern luxury lifestyle.” Well, they could be both…. —Campaign



  1. If someone sees a ‘Tribeca mom’ strolling along Greenwich Avenue – that passerby is in the Village – not Tribeca. Greenwich STREET is Tribeca.

    • I think the author is a bit of a hater… She talks about how athleisure is about expressing what you’re doing through what you are wearing and then she talks about the universal appeal of the clothing, but then makes it as though the “Tribeca Mom” is some rare breed for doing the same thing at a higher price point…
      Maybe she didn’t get free samples of Y-3 sneakers and techno cashmere and she’s stinging? BTW – can you get leggings for $400? I had no idea…

  2. Ha. I am a “Tribeca Mom” but no way I can afford $400 leggings. I am just your average coupon clipping, penny pinching mom that lives and works in Tribeca.