First Impressions: Gourmet Garage

Gourmet Garage Tribeca facadeWhen I first spoke with Gourmet Garage owner Andy Arons about the new store at Broadway and Franklin—in February of 2014—he emphasized the prepared foods and mezzanine seating, so I assumed that the store wouldn’t be as much of a grocery store as the other locations. Wrong! While the front of the store is definitely all about prepared and made-to-order foods (salad bar, deli counter, sushi, soup, etc.), the back is a full-on grocery store the likes of which east Tribeca has been dying for. It ain’t Whole Foods, obviously, but you might be surprised by the breadth of what Gourmet Garage carries. The photos below show the store and some of the products I was personally delighted to see. (Watercress! Hallelujah! It’s the bagged kind but still, watercress! Don’t fall for the “upland cress” lie.) I’ll ask Arons how we can suggest products we might hope to find—such as the big containers of Ronnybrook’s amazing yogurt,which seem only to be sold at Saturday’s Tribeca Greenmarket…. UPDATE: He said to use the online suggestion box.

Also, the store feels much airier than the other locations, but that may be because it was pretty empty on opening morning. And the hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Gourmet Garage is at 366 Broadway (at Franklin), 212-571-5850,

Gourmet Garage Tribeca from aboveGourmet Garage Tribeca storeGourmet Garage Tribeca coffeeGourmet Garage Tribeca soupsGourmet Garage Tribeca juice menuGourmet Garage Tribeca deli menuGourmet Garage Tribeca salad barGourmet Garage Tribeca sushi etcGourmet Garage Tribeca prepared foodsGourmet Garage Tribeca aisleGourmet Garage Tribeca produceGourmet Garage Tribeca flowersGourmet Garage Tribeca aisle2Gourmet Garage Tribeca produce2Gourmet Garage Tribeca watercressGourmet Garage Tribeca meat counterGourmet Garage Tribeca meatGourmet Garage Tribeca tomatoesGourmet Garage Tribeca Hellmans mayoGourmet Garage Tribeca aisle3Gourmet Garage Tribeca Early Bird granolaGourmet Garage Tribeca Maldon saltGourmet Garage Tribeca cheeseGourmet Garage Tribeca crackersGourmet Garage Tribeca dairyGourmet Garage Tribeca aisle2Gourmet Garage Tribeca Sixpoint beerGourmet Garage Tribeca cashiersGourmet Garage Tribeca mezzanine

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  1. I’m thrilled to have GG in the neighborhood, but you know who must be the most thrilled of all? The owners at 366 Broadway whose common charges have decreased substantially since GG signed the lease!

  2. Went with the family at around 8 am this morning to have a look. As we were standing outside the front door that had been propped wide open to the beautiful morning air, 2 tourist types walked by and one said to the other “Ah good to know, there’s a grocery store here”. A weirdly proprietary feeing came over me and I felt they didn’t deserve to shop there because they haven’t waited almost TWO YEARS for the place to open!

  3. The store looks fantastic. It’s much more of a full grocery than I thought.

    It’s a great addition to the neighborhood.

  4. My wife also complained bitterly about the “upland cress lie”.

  5. So happy to see this. Thank you!.

  6. I was quite shocked by the price of the roasted chicken. I can buy an entire roared organic chicken at whole foods and elsewhere for 50-69% of what I paid for a half roasted chicken at GG on Friday.