Seen & Heard: Tribeca’s First Walgreen’s

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••• Despite the Duane Reade signage spotted in July, the former National City Bank of New York building at 415 Broadway is apparently going to be a Walgreens. (Same parent company and negligible difference between the two brands.)

••• The single-story sales office (for 70 Vestry, a.k.a. 268 West) at 438-440 Greenwich is coming along. By the way, have you ever wondered why on earth anyone would buy the ad space you can see a bit of in the pic below? It’s one of the least-trafficked blocks in the city.

438-440 Greenwich••• The very nice Con Edison workers at Warren and Broadway told me that someone in  258 Broadway reported a gas leak, so they need to jackhammer holes in the street—and then vacuum out the dirt (and presumably reverse-vacuum it back in)—till they find it. I was appalled, however, to learn that last night a resident (or residents) of 258 Broadway dropped an egg and a bottle near the workers. What are you, heathens? UPDATE: A resident of 258 wrote in to express indignation I called the whole building heathens and that I was blaming the building for the noise. I’ve reread what I wrote a few times now and I just don’t see it. But the last thing I want to do is offend, so let me be perfectly clear: I don’t blame anyone but Con Ed for the noise; while the repair is obviously necessary there must be quieter ways to go about it. Moreover, the “heathens” part was aimed squarely and exclusively at whoever dropped stuff on the workers.

••• BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center’s fall season of family programming starts off with Enchantment Theatre Company’s production of Peter Rabbit Tales on October 17. Tickets.


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  1. Before it was a lyft ad, it was an aziz ansari ad and a bulleit bourbon ad before that. Maybe theyre hoping the tunnel traffic will see it?