Seen & Heard: Worst Sign Ever?

••• More of the bottom half of 12 Warren has been revealed. You have to give it credit for being interesting.

12 Warren••• An ugly stab at humor got a lot of folks upset with Warren 77. Unfortunately, its response shows that we won’t be able to consider this a learning experience.

Warren 77 part1Warren 77 part2••• Add to Community Board 1’s October calendar: Worth Street Reconstruction Project Task Force on Oct. 21 at 6 p.m. (Worth Street is getting the Hudson/Chambers treatment.) Never quite sure if these task forces are open to the public, so reach out to CB1 before you cancel your other plans. UPDATE: It is indeed open to the public.

••• “No real activity yet in the old Ivy’s space but did notice they filled in the ceiling (they ripped part of it out over the summer),” emailed a reader. “Would be cool if they utilized that fireplace in the back.” Indeed, just like at Tiny’s. Here’s more on the plans for the new restaurant.

Ivys Abramcyk restaurant••• Ibiza, opening soon on Duane, put up signage. (Photo by JW.)

Ibiza••• As did Rosa Mexicano on Murray—including for its downstairs bar, Masa y Agave, which appears will be referred to as M&A. Hey, baby, you interested in a merger tonight?

Rosa MexicanoRosa Mexicano Masa y Agave



  1. “It’s high time that you found
    The same people that you misuse on your way up
    You might meet up on your way down”

  2. So is where I choose to use my non-expired credit cards. Extremely offensive!

  3. Comedy is subjective if it’s comedy. Warren 77’s sign isn’t funny even when inoffensive.

  4. Warren 77’s attempt at “comedy” (humor?) is a gross snapshot of entitlement and self-satisfied ignorance. “Ha ha ha! We’re so rich we can laugh at those bums who don’t have as much as us!” Never a classy place – more like a frat bar.

  5. Comedy is subjective…. so is my local bar list.

    (… and it’s not even funny… it’s clueless and ignorant.. was it written by an 15 year old?)

  6. They always have funny signs. Guess it is subjective but I’ve never been offended by them. They make my day as I walk to the subway.

  7. And btw, as someone who spent years studying the subject, comedy is NOT subjective. The response to it is. Comedy is founded on objective principles like all art forms. To paraphrase the estimable Mr. B. Bunny, “wotta buncha maroons”.