Seen & Heard: A Real Commitment to Halloween

••• It’s not even Halloween yet, but I think we have a winner.

Ghostbusters HalloweenGhostbusters Halloween2••• The Food Emporium has cut back its hours. It really feels like it’s time to call in the priest.

Food Emporium••• “Mr. Locks on Canal and Hudson is moving to E. 24th St.,” commented J. The possibility of the locksmith moving was first brought up when American Flatbread was going to become an event space. (No, there has been no word about new plans for American Flatbread.)

••• Opening Nov. 5 at Patrick Parrish: “what it is, a series of new woven sculptures by Doug Johnston. In this exhibition of 20 new works, Johnston expands his use of coiled construction, which has been the focus of his practice since 2010. This process stems from an ancient technique and allows Johnston to work in a number of roles simultaneously with minimal concern for the distinctions or boundaries imposed on the work once it leaves the studio, often resulting in work that is hybrid or plural in nature.”

by Doug Johnston••• I went to visit the show at the NYC Department of Records Visitor Center about Robert Moses’s failed plan to run an expressway through Lower Manhattan. It’s interesting, although the Daily News description that the expressway would’ve “turned Tribeca into a highway” was flat-out wrong, given that the expressway was to run along Kenmare. Anyway, there are a lot of maps and diagrams and what not, including this model (not shown: a lower level showing all the buildings that would’ve been destroyed) and a Brutalist fantasia by Paul Rudolph (third pic below). The very best part might be exploring the building’s lobby: The Department of Records is in the Surrogate’s Court building at 31 Chambers, and it’s a Beaux Arts dream. (I had only been inside back when I voted there, and on Election Day you couldn’t dawdle much.) Just say you’re there to see the Robert Moses exhibit, which is in room 112; no one gave me any grief for admiring the lobby, and it took them a couple of minutes to tell me no photos are allowed. (Why not?! It’s kind of an outrage, really.)

NYC Department of Records Visitor Center LOMEX modelNYC Department of Records Visitor Center LOMEX mapNYC Department of Records Visitor Center LOMEX Paul RudolphSurrogates Court



  1. I was told by some of the Food Emporium employees that Key Foods has bought the location. Progress!

  2. I just walked past and they have a cashier wearing a sandwich board announcing that the store is closing and everything is 40 percent off. Someone in the store said their last day will be Nov. 17! RIP Food Emporium.

  3. Now that is sad! I hope another food store opens there.

  4. NOT 40% only 10%!!!

  5. The New York Times may have mistakenly snagged a legitimate locksmith in its article. “Fake Online Locksmiths May Be Out to Pick Your Pocket, Too”

    “Today, a well-oiled system keeps young Israelis flowing to the United States for locksmith jobs. Companies beckon on Israeli employment websites such as Maka (Hebrew for “score”). Among those currently hiring are Green Locksmith, Locksmith Garage, CT Locksmith and Mr. Locks. The latter, which claims its main office is in TriBeCa, promises that employees will earn as much as $4,000 a month and says it is looking for people “who are not afraid of new things.” Like many of these companies, Mr. Locks covers itself by stating — in Hebrew and on a site that caters to Israelis — that it is looking for United States citizens.”