New Kid on the Block: Livly

Livly Tribeca1Livly Tribeca3Just like a child, the Swedish children’s clothing line Livly is growing fast: It was started in 2011, and there are already stores in Sweden; Hong Kong; St. Petersburg, Russia; and now on Reade Street in Tribeca. (Up next: Miami.) Designer Lisa Carrol founded the business after having twins—Liv and Lilly, hence the name Livly—who were highly allergic and required cotton clothing.

Mostly made from pima cotton—which is soft, cleans well, and lasts—the clothes are for boys and girls, newborn to 12 years old. The inventory currently skews young and female, but that’ll change as more shipments arrive. More accessories and toys are coming, too, although kids may be most entranced by one that’s not for sale: The exquisite dollhouse in the window is the one that Livly co-creative director, Brittany Peltz Buerstedde (who lives in Tribeca) played with as a child.

I was told by a Swedish person unaffiliated with Livly that the name isn’t pronounced the way it looks, but they seem to be Americanizing it: live (as in “and Let Die”) + lee.

Livly is at 108 Reade (between W. Broadway and Church), 646-858-0805;

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