New Kid on the Block: Reines Gallery

Reines Gallery2“I’ve always been passionate about art,” says Zvi Reines, explaining how he came to open his first gallery, at the northeast corner of West and Laight. “Before I came to New York, I worked in Israel with Israeli artists.” While the premiere show at Reines Gallery is the first New York City exhibit of Moroccan-born Israeli A.Y. Ayache, future ones won’t necessarily be by Israeli artists. “I’m open to anything, if it feels right,” says Reines. That even includes a potential art program for neighborhood kids.

The gallery is still a bit of a work in progress, so calling before you venture over is not a bad idea. And the works by Ayache are actually prints, made on canvas, of the artist’s paintings. (Until window shades are installed, the direct afternoon light could damage the originals.) “I can make an edition if someone is interested, or sell the original,” he says.

Reines Gallery is at 92 Laight (at West), 212-920-9622;

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