Shop-Local Gift Guide (Part 6)

Certain members of my family send a Christmas wish-list with one or two items on it, complete with links to where the items can be bought. But wouldn’t you rather receive something chosen just for you? And wouldn’t you rather give a surprising gift? In this guide, I’ve included items that caught my eye, but I wasn’t price-sensitive, because some people are rich and some people are generous I see only benefits in encouraging them.


••• Bronze bowl trio, $1,000
••• Bangles, $200-$2,000 (depending on material)
••• Hand-carved ceramic twigs, $400-$2,500 (depending on size)
••• Pyrite chunks, $20-$80
Harrison and Staple

Ten Thousand Things bowl trioTen Thousand Things banglesTen Thousand Things ceramic twigsTen Thousand Things pyrite••••••••••••••••

••• Louis Vuitton Monogram Deauville bag, $850
••• Potass Bromid canister, $99. “Potassium bromide is a salt,” says Wikipedia, “widely used as an anticonvulsant and a sedative in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.” So storing your tranquilizers inside wouldn’t be out of line.
W. Broadway between Duane and Reade

Authentic PreOwned Louis Vuitton bag Authentic PreOwned jar••••••••••••••••

••• Assorted knightwear! Suede tunic, $65; cardboard breastplate, $15
••• Puppets, $56
••• Wooden architecture set, $55
N. Moore between Varick and Hudson

Playing Mantis knight costumesPlaying Mantis puppetsPlaying Mantis architecture set••••••••••••••••

••• Picture frames, around $50
••• Placemats, $50 per pair
••• Nothing says, “I want you to rest while I do the work,” like a kimono, $85
Duane between Hudson and Greenwich

Roberta Roller Rabbit picture frameRoberta Roller Rabbit placematsRoberta Roller Rabbit kimonos••••••••••••••••

••• Cashmere beanies, $125
••• Coat, $4,200
White between Church and Broadway

Haus Alkire cashmere beaniesHaus Alkire coat••••••••••••••••

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  1. I love this gift list. Almost everything is out of my price range or more suitable for people with large closets and larger living spaces. Still, its a fun read, and I hope that people will support local vendors. Maybe you could crowdsource Tribeca gifts under $25.