Seen & Heard: An Update on Pakistan Tea House

••• As TribecaMom noticed the other night, the windows were papered at much-loved hole-in-the-wall Pakistan Tea House. That’s usually an extremely bad sign, but the folks next door at Taco House said that PTH is just doing some renovations; I later got this confirmed by another neighbor. Here’s a shot of the inside yesterday (when the paper had been removed but the restaurant was still clearly closed). The word is that PTH is reopening today.

Pakistan Tea House••• At Court Street Grocers yesterday—those sandwiches!—I picked up a flyer for Kiosk‘s holiday pop-up at Project No. 8 (38 Orchard). Not remotely Tribeca but Kiosk is always worth tracking down.

••• Intrigued by a Curbed post about a design for a tall tower on 57th Street that’s not getting built, D. went looking at the website of the architect, Mark Foster Gage—where D. found a design for Metropol Hotel on Chambers, just east of the Smyth. I don’t think there’s any reason to consider this anything more than a doodle, but it sure is interesting. P.S. Gage also designed the Nicola Formichetti pop-up a few years back.

Metropol Hotel design1 by MFGA Metropol Hotel design2 by MFGA••• 1 World Trade Center was putting on another of its reflected-light shows again yesterday—and 4 World Trade Center got in on the action, too. They really looked like that—it’s not a photography trick.

1 World Trade Center light show 4 World Trade Center light show



  1. Phew! Thanks for the PTH update. Glad to hear that it’s still in business.