Seen & Heard: Mangez Avec Moi’s Goodbye Note

••• A sad, sweet note from Mangez Avec Moi.

Mangez Avec Moi sign••• This was in the 14 Reasons to Be Excited About the Future post, but in case you shielded your eyes from all that sunny optimism: The Beekman hotel is taking reservations starting May 1, and my guess would be that the Keith McNally restaurant (sample menu here) and the Tom Colicchio restaurant would open around then, too. Below: a screengrab from an entertaining, if slightly worrisome, and unembeddable video the hotel posted a while back.

Beekman Hotel video screengrab••• “Still no Pakistan Tea House,” tweeted Josey Miller. about the restaurant’s being closed for renovations. “Getting nervous! Know anything?” All I know is that I’ve seen people in there working and there were new tables, so if be surprised if it didn’t reopen. But I’ll admit that as time goes on, one does begin to wonder….

••• “Dropping kids off at Kidville on Gold Street and next door looks like a gorgeous little cafe coming,” emailed a reader. “Great tile work on floors and walls. Apparently Italian but the guy (I think Italian) was not keen on sharing information.”

••• Take the survey or I’m coming over! I probably know where you live.

••• “Here’s a little tip,” emailed S. “It looks like Drybar at Brookfield Place is almost ready to open. People are in there doing blowouts, possibly employee training?”

Drybar Brookfield Place by S


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  1. Dry Bar Brookfield Place opened yesterday (Dec 18)