Seen & Heard: Saleya’s Farewell Note

••• Locking up your suitcase in a public place seems like a sure way to get it blown up.

Bogardus Plaza suitcase••• Bond New York has closed its office at 25 Hudson. And TD Bank is closing that branch at the end of January. Could Ninja be next?

Bond New York••• Still no guesses for Where in Tribeca…? This could be your chance!

••• Here’s Saleya‘s goodbye note. (Banh Mi had the same sign as Mangez Avec Moi. Someone told me once that the sandwich shop changed ownership when it was renamed from Mangez Avec Moi Express, but maybe not…?)

Saleya••• John Wick 2 shot last night in the Church/Duane area. Pretty sure the flyers—which call it “Spear”—only went up yesterday, because I’m in that area a lot and I didn’t see them till around 5 p.m.

••• Steps, the clothing boutique at the southwest corner of Broadway and Worth, will close at the end of the month. I’ll miss those girls!

Steps••• Woops!, indeed.

Woops C sign Woops sign



  1. Wish I could think of a joke or something funny to say, but it really is sad what is happening to so many businesses here…

  2. I’m guessing no one called 911 to report a bag left on the sidewalk. I would’ve. ‘Love the TriBeCapathy.

  3. Called 911 and they said call 311 and also put a request in with a photo through the 311 app with a photo. See something, they’ll take some time doing something.

    • I saw a backpack sitting by itself under a chair in the plaza near that luggage. There were police outside Morgan’s Market across the street. So I went over to tell them about the abandoned bag and the guy shrugged his shoulders dismissively and went on into the market to get his food.