93 Worth St.
(bet. Church and Broadway)

After starting out at the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park, Woops! launched kiosks at Tri-State malls, then branched out to full-fledged “BakeShops.” The first one below 23rd Street is at 93 Worth, and the 20-seat space has some of the highest ceilings and hugest windows of any Tribeca storefront. (Consequently, it also has one of the brightest interiors—bring sunglasses). Seven days a week, from morning till night, the Tribeca outpost of Woops! serves pastries, cookies (with an emphasis on macarons), and sandwiches; all baking is done on premises and the sandwiches are made fresh daily. P.S. There’s no story behind the name, but spend any time at all there and you’ll see how much passersby like saying it out loud.

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