Seen & Heard: Winter Sales

••• A lot of clothing stores are having sales right about now—I recall signs in the windows of Ibiza, Nili Lotan, and La Garçonne, but I noticed many more before I realized I should mention it. How about doing some shopping this weekend? UPDATE 1/26: Add A Uno and Edon Manor to the list.

Nili Lotan••• Maybe Casey Neistat can surf this beautiful frozen wave at the parking lot at W. Broadway and Warren….

snow wave••• “We live around the corner from the Salt Shed,” emailed M. in response to my question about whether it was bothersome these past couple of days. “Absolutely no extra noise or traffic during the storm. Took these fun pictures while walking the dogs!” I take back my enthusiasm for the ceiling….

Spring Street Salt Shed by MSpring Street Salt Shed and DSNY Garage by M••• Even the salt shed’s signage is cool.

DSNY signage at the Spring Street Salt Shed••• The hoist has been removed from the back—I mean front—of the condo known as Franklin Place.

Franklin Place••• Has the Hudson River Park Esplanade always had this stretch done in wooden planks? It’s just below Canal. Did I only notice it because the snow was covering everything else?

Wooden part of Hudson RIver Park Esplanade


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  1. Re: Esplanade -that section has always been wood.. Park Alternates between wood and stone.