In the News: Eataly Has Been Delayed Again

••• “Eataly is now slated to open its 42,000 square-foot space in 4 World Trade Center by late summer, along with other eateries, including Choza Taqueria, which is opening its fifth location.” Previously, Eataly had been said to be opening in April. —New York Post

••• The city set new rules for construction cranes: “The new rules would require crawler cranes to stop operating and go into safety mode under two scenarios: when there is a forecast for steady wind speeds of 20 miles per hour or higher or gusts of at least 30 m.p.h., and when actual readings reach those levels. Previously, such cranes could operate until measured wind speeds reached 30 m.p.h. or gusts increased to 40 m.p.h., though individual manufacturers sometimes set stricter standards. […] The fine for failing to take appropriate precautions would be increased to $10,000 from $4,800. […] Officials said the new rules were temporary and would be in place until a task force, to be convened by the mayor, recommended long-term restrictions within 90 days. […] As a further safety measure, uniformed personnel, including police officers, will now help enforce sidewalk and street closings related to crane use, a task previously left to construction crews, with city oversight. The new policies also call for operators to notify nearby residents and businesses before a crane is moved, as opposed to only when a crane is first installed.” —New York Times

••• Michele Iuliano (formerly?) of Da Mikele is opening “Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s” in the East Village. But Iuliano “is apparently no longer with the Luzzo Group…and, according to Luzzo’s partner Tony D’Aiuto, he ‘may not have the legal right to use the name ‘Luzzo’s.'” —EV Grieve UPDATE 2/20: Michele Iuliano responded to EV Grieve with this: “I am the owner of Da Mikele by Luzzo’s and Luzzo’s on 1st Ave. I also own Ovest Pizzoteca by Luzzo’s and, as you know, the Gnoccheria by Luzzos will be opening soon. I have created, thru my hard work and sweat, the Luzzo’s brand name. Tony D’Aiuto and Eden Tesfamariam Gaim were ONLY managers working for me. Their only interest is to dilute and discredit my name and my hard work since our working relationship came to end. I initiated the lawsuit against Antonio Giaccio, owner of Luzzos BK, for breach of license agreement for the use of my brand name Luzzo’s BK. The court has issued a temporary restraining order against Giaccio preventing him or anyone to use my name outside of the restaurant. Tony and Eden are not owners nor partners at any of my restaurants or the brand name Luzzo’s.”

cake courtesy Baked••• Cake-frosting tips from Baked Tribeca. —Eater

••• Pearl River Mart will remain in its current location “at least the end of the month and might even stay on through March.” —Racked

••• “Alice Cancel, a Democratic district leader, emerged Sunday from the pack of hopefuls seeking a ballot spot in a Manhattan special election to replace Silver, who was convicted on multiple federal graft charges and immediately stripped of his office. Cancel, 61, works for City Controller Scott Stringer, who endorsed another candidate. […] She secured the ballot spot with the backing of the Lower East Side Democrats, her political club, as well as strong support from the Truman Club, Silver’s political organization. Among those in on the vote were the wives of Silver and William Rapfogel, a close Silver friend who served 14 months in jail for bilking a prominent Jewish charity he ran. Rapfogel’s wife, Judy, was Silver’s chief of staff. […] Stringer endorsed Yuh-Line Niou, who is chief of staff to Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens). Niou withdrew from the process, calling it undemocratic. She has vowed to compete in April as a third-party candidate. Niou has the endorsement of the Working Families Party.” —New York Daily News



  1. Just heard that Duane Reade on Greenwich st. is closing. Does any body have any word about this?

    • I just called the store and the person who answered said that it’s not so. But she may not know. Who did you hear it from? There’s been rumor of it closing ever since everything else in that strip did.

      • a building neighbor. it could be just a rumor but you usally have answers to most neighborhood buisnesses so I thought I would ask here.

        • Asking is good! Just trying to determine how far I should go in pursuing this. My gut says that while Duane Reade may close, there’s a good chance that people’s fears it will are turning into rumors that it will.