In the News: Le District’s Final Restaurant Opens Next Week

••• Three items of note in today’s “Off the Menu” roundup in the New York Times:

L’Appart, the “well-upholstered 28-seat enclave within Le District,” opens April 20. “The room is fitted with an open kitchen where the chef, Nicolas Abello—who worked with Gérard Vié in France, Pierre Gagnaire in London and Daniel Boulud in New York—prepares a six-course French-accented tasting menu.” According to Le District’s press release: “L’Appart’s debut menu starts at $105 per person and can be extended at the guest’s leisure.” (There don’t seem to be any photos so I’m running this pretty one of Flowers by Yasmine’s new space inside Le District.) By the way, how are people feeling about Beaubourg these days? I haven’t been back since it opened, when I thought it need time to mature.

—”Tim Powell, a restaurant operator and troubleshooter, has established a kitchen in the financial district to prepare food for delivery in the neighborhood in less than an hour.” The “menu features mostly comfort food like spicy chicken wings, meatballs in Sunday sauce, hot fried chicken, a center-cut pork chop and mac and cheese.” It’s called Delivery Only.

—Almanac, the restaurant formerly known as Mas (la Grillade), is closing this weekend.

••• And the correction for the latest New York Times article on how the Odeon is hot again was a beaut:

NYT Odeon correction••• A man attacked a woman with his cane near City Hall Park. —Tribeca Trib and DNAinfo

••• “Sidewalk hawkers who sell tickets for boat rides, double-decker bus tours and other tourist attractions will have to apply for licenses under a bill introduced Tuesday at the City Council. The licenses would cost up to $125 a year and impose restrictions on where tickets could be peddled.” This is a reaction to bad behavior near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, but let’s hope the vendors get restricted away from the northern exit of the 9/11 Memorial and Bogardus Plaza (where they’re a real nuisance on weekends).—New York Post



  1. And people still consider the NY Times as “the paper of record.” LOL

  2. I absolutely consider the NY Times the paper of record, but nobody is perfect and they are far better than everybody else. That said, this correction is a WHOPPER! LOL!

  3. Went there for brunch 10 days ago. The menu, food and service were significantly improved since the opening. Appreciated the live music accompaniment, too.

    Another change: The host/hostess stand moved from the entrance to the dining room to the entrance to the bar area, which makes more sense.

    While the outdoor dining/bar area is nicely appointed, the interior space needs help. The pastel chairs are shabby: badly stained (poor choice of covering, it seems) and they seat you lower than your companion(s) on the banquette. Also, they need to figure out a floor. Poured concrete with some inlaid timbers seems really out of place.

    As for the view — especially on a sunny day: C’est magnifique!

  4. Probably will check out beaubourg again when the weather gets warmer. Went last fall and thought the food and service were pretty horrible.

  5. I’ve been several times and have enjoyed it very much; especially the outdoor seating.

  6. I can’t say enough great things about Delivery Only. I had an issue with one of their items not mentioning nuts were in it. Seamless refunded me but the next day one of their people called me personally and apologized and offered to buy me dinner the next time.

    Outside of the food allergy issue, everything I’ve ordered has been very good and in huge portions, so price on Seamless is fair considering what you’re getting.

  7. Speaking of delivered food, I’ve been ordering from Munchery and everything has been delicious so far. A diverse selection (with photos) is on each day’s menu.
    I do no know the delivery area, but they are delivering here in SW Tribeca.

    • I second that. We’ve had very good luck with Munchery. Good food and always on time delivery. They sometimes throw in a free food item.

  8. Not in reference to Beaubourg, but the casual bar part of LeDistrict–both indoor and outdoor. I really want this place to be solid good,not even great, but service is still so slow even inside. Frites have consistently been soggy–better frites at Umami Burger upstairs. How can they not get this right? Salads have been pretty bad.A copy writer crafted a great description, but the actual food was pretty terrible tasting. I wish they focused on making the food tastier–just make it solid. Considering everything comes from the same kitchen, also wondering if Beaubourg is better with a bigger price tag.