Seen & Heard: Beach Street Pizzeria Revealed

••• The pizzeria opening at 49 Beach, which appears to be called Il Mattone, has come out from under the plywood. It’s going to look good!

Il Mattone 49 Beach••• Luis Vazquez of FiDi Fan Page sent over a bunch of World Trade Center updates—especially about the performing arts center and subway connections—that I added to this morning’s post about the mall and Eataly.

••• When I saw people waiting outside for Bubby’s to open this morning, I did a double-take. When did the restaurant stop being open 24 hours? UPDATE: Not recently, says Sara in the comments. (P.S. Love seeing Thom Browne employees in the wild.)

Bubbys••• Nice to see that 11 N. Moore did in fact install more acceptable garage doors.

11 NMoore••• The Bloomberg Philanthropies trailer celebrating the Tribeca Film Festival, which I assume runs before the screenings, includes footage of Imperial Coffee House (as Mike Bloomberg talks about how the festival “helped small businesses”) and Tribeca Cinemas (“the future has never been brighter”).

••• The pizza boxes at Donna Bella have gotten ahead of themselves.



  1. it’s been awhile for bubby’s, sadly. tried for a late night there 6 or so months back and then an early early breakfast and they mentioned they had stopped the 24hours awhile back…not sure exactly when but definitely a bummer!

  2. Very sad. I used to handle my worst bouts of insomnia and midnight munchies by pigging out there occassionally between 2-6am, watching the night owls and early birds cross paths in that nethersphere, barely touching their pancakes and pork sausage while I wolfed everything down. I remember there would usually be some strange combination of (a) middle aged couples on a date night (or..?) canoodling in the corner, stoking their flames, (b) younger couples in their 20-30s who were clearly just getting to know each other, etc. The overnight staff must have some great stories.