Seen & Heard: Go Visit a Firehouse

••• Tomorrow is your big chance to go hug a firefighter. The firehouses at 100 Duane and 42 South St. are 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.; the ones at 49 Beekman and 124 Liberty are 1-3 p.m.

FDNY open house••• The statue of a soldier on horseback that was outside the World Trade Center PATH station has been moved, presumably to Liberty Park. Another omen that the park is about to open? UPDATE: Jennifer sent a pic confirming that the statue is in Liberty Park; click on the photo and you can see it toward the bottom.

WTC PATH statue horseback goneLiberty Park by Jennifer••• Beyond the battle over the Raccoon Lodge spinoff, this month’s meeting of the Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee didn’t have much going on, so I’m skipping the usual Unofficial Minutes. Instead, here’s a brief recap:

1) The Cosmopolitan Hotel got approval for a liquor license for in-room minibars and a small ground-floor bar for hotel guests only; Serafina‘s application got postponed till next month.

2) The first traffic-flow change due to the Worth Street Reconstruction project will start around May 23. (The initial stage involves Worth from Church to Lafayette.) The project is slated to last five years, but the DDC rep said that the contractor has a large incentive to get it done in three years.

••• The door at Hank’s Juicy Beef, coming to 84 Chambers, was open yesterday, and the build-out is really coming along.

••• And something rather fancy is coming to 150 Chambers, part of where Manhattan Books was.

150 Chambers crop••• Yesterday, I received a press release saying that a Biagi gelato cart would be outside Whole Foods daily, starting that day, from noon to 7 p.m. (That’s the one that was at Espasso a couple of years ago.) It wasn’t there, but I guess you can always go inside and buy ice cream at the counter by West Street. UPDATE: Christy says Whole Foods replaced the ice cream counter with a juice bar.

••• “Scenes from the Underground” shot yesterday on Warren. It appears to be this film: “Scenes From The Underground features interconnected, character-driven vignettes to explore themes of isolation and missed connection among present day New Yorkers and the resulting ripple effect of their actions upon each others’ lives—no matter how fleeting or indirect. Over a single day spent almost entirely underground, these characters will be defined by their habits and choices within the subterranean thoroughfare.”



  1. It won’t be long before the Community Board and neighborhood snots petition to have the Fire Houses closed because they keep unsociable hours and disturb their precious children’s sleep.

  2. Just an FYI – Whole Foods no longer has an ice cream counter. It was replaced by a juice bar.

  3. “The project is slated to last five years, but the DDC rep said that the contractor has a large incentive to get it done in three years.”

    Therefore expect the project to be finished in ten to twelve years (and costing three times the original budget).

  4. The Biagi Gelato cart has been there most days, esp. after school. Yummy Gelato, but I question how it will compete with the Frozen Yogurt truck right across the street and the ice-cream truck one block away. Also it’s a bit pricey in comparison, so maybe they should rethink its pricing structure or its location. Just sayin’