New Kid on the Block: Pakistan Tea House by Baluchi’s

Pakistan Tea House counter2The new Pakistan Tea House is a lot like the old one: You still line up along the counter, and prices are still low. The interior is a bit spiffier—fear not, the naan oven simply got moved to the back—and the offerings now include dosas and, soon, rolls wrapped in Malaysian parathas and Indian sliders. “The sliders are a popular late-night munchie in Mumbai,” says Rohan Aggarwal of Baluchi’s, and indeed, the restaurant is staying open till 4 a.m. all week long. The storefront and sign will likely change, but that could take a while, since the building falls within a historic district.

The “by Baluchi’s” in the new name isn’t just there for branding. The kitchen at 176 Church will also serve as a commissary kitchen for Baluchi’s, which is looking to recapture the delivery business that it gave up when the restaurant at Greenwich and Warren closed. (The rent doubled.) They’re shooting to start delivery—of both the Pakistan Tea House and the Baluchi’s menu—by the end of this week.

Pakistan Tea House by Baluchi’s is at 176 Church, 212-240-9800;

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  1. am going to try this tonight – I was a huge fan of the unpredictability and craziness that was the old PTR, hope they’re kept some of the old uniqueness of the place.

  2. OMG – so psyched for dosas in our neighborhood!!! Yay!!

  3. Are they boycotting seamless?

  4. I mourned the loss of the Tea House for a while and then jumped for joy when I heard it was returning. I ventured over on Saturday night for the first time since it reopened and I was so disappointed. The portions are smaller, the naan comes from a package (as in aisle #9 at your local grocery store) and is reheated on a grill tip. I don’t mind the limited selection but the overall quality is down. When I got back home with my food I counted 4 bits of chicken in my entree and everything was cold. I miss the old days when you would leave with a healthy sized portion and the naan was made fresh. The dosas are good. I hope everything else improves.