Pakistan Tea House Is Not Reopening

Pakistan Tea House with for rent signWell, that might be a record. Pakistan Tea House by Baluchi’s, as the recent reincarnation of the restaurant was known, opened May 16, and then it closed June 9 and hasn’t been open again since. I had heard that the plan was to convert the kitchen from electric to gas, but the owner says that “unfortunately due to the violations on the building from the Department of Buildings, it is very highly unlikely for us to get gas to the space and therefore we had to close our doors.” He also said that they’re “opening another location in the neighborhood before the end of the year as Baluchi’s.”

UPDATE: A “for rent” sign appeared in the window, so I swapped in a new photo above. And the notice posted on the door implies that if I had the time, inclination, and ability to contact the owner of the space, I would probably get a different take on what happened to Pakistan Tea House 2.0.

Pakistan Tea House marshals possession



  1. One would think that the gas situation would have been looked into BEFORE the re-launch?
    I own a small business in TriBeCa and no way would this have escaped me. With the current rent situation I hope they are able to find a new space.

  2. Give it up Baluchi’s. Salaam Bombay is the only real game in town for Indian/Middle Eastern food in TriBeCa. Stop trying to compete with a place which has been open since 1995 and has you beat.

  3. I agree. This wasn’t about gas vs electric.

  4. This is a 3+ month old rent nonpayment case.

    From ecourts:

    Court: New York County Civil Court
    Index Number: LT-058418-16/NY
    Case Name: NJ Funding, Inc. vs. Global Hospitality, LLC, DBA Pakistan Tea House “ABC Corp” “XYZ Inc”
    Case Type: Landlord and Tenant
    Classification: Non-Payment
    Filing Date: 03/15/2016

  5. Goddamn it – Raccoon Lodge AND Pakistan Tea House on the same weekend??!

    Over and out.