Seen & Heard: 60 White in All Its Glory

••• The rehabilitation and conversion of the buildings now known as 60 White took a long time, but it appears to have been worth it. Wonder why they didn’t find a way to get rid of the fire escapes….

60 White from the east ••• Another filming permit: iHeartRadio (that name…) shot a concert at its theater inside 32 Sixth Ave. yesterday.

••• Menswear brand Psycho Bunny is holding a sample sale at 102 Franklin that ends today.

••• And the Baja East fashion line has a pop-up at Brookfield Place.

Baja East popup••• The notice posted on the door of Pakistan Tea House implies that if I had the time, inclination, and ability to contact the owner of the space, I would probably get a different take on what happened to Pakistan Tea House 2.0.

Pakistan Tea House marshals possession••• The second floor of 56 Leonard is finally getting glassed.

56 Leonard••• 1 World Trade Center did its light-show thing yesterday morning.

1 World Trade Center light show



  1. It appears at 60 White the fire escape platforms have been sealed and could be used by some as a balcony if permitted. Although that support/attachment design might make one consider how much weight it could withstand. It might be used as a price increasing feature for those units.

  2. Can’t wait for them to be finished. The area near White and Broadway is taken over by construction materials.

  3. 60 White is nice while 56 Leonard is hideous.

    I think the landlord plans to kick out the other tenants of 178 Church Street/88 Reade Street so he/she can sell the building to a developer, and Pakistani Tea House is the first casualty.

  4. The fire escapes are now balconies, the ladders are gone.
    Just glorious, the dazzling ivory color