Seen & Heard: Survey on Street Fairs

••• I hear that Sasha Bikoff’s pop-up on Washington has closed.

••• There’s going to be another street fair—crappy food and landfill!—this Thursday on Warren between Broadway and Church (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.). The good news: Mardi Gras Productions, which runs these events, told me that there would be no live music this time. Related: The Mayor’s Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management is doing a survey about street fairs and I highly suggest you take the survey and explain how much you’d rather they didn’t happen here—and if they must, then let’s get local businesses involved.

••• I peeked into 56 Reade, where Grazin’ was. Looks a lot like the kind of breakfast/lunch deli that used to be there. UPDATE: Today there was a popcorn machine near the door….

56 Reade••• Rag & Bone is also advertising its forthcoming Tribeca men’s store on subway entrances and in Williamsburg. (I made my semi-annual visit last weekend; highly recommend Reynard at the Wythe Hotel. The food was really good.) Anyway, this is the same store that the company says is “in flux” and won’t confirm the location.

Rag and Bone subway station ad••• The street-level space at 60-62 Lispenard is vacant; I think it’s usually been an office…? UPDATE: A “for ;lease” sign went up. It says the space (which includes some basement) is 3,800 square feet.

60-62 Lispenard



  1. rag & bone window decals at 8 N. Moore aka 228 West Broadway fka Bubble Lounge. “Opening Fall 2016”