Seen & Heard: Rainbow Over Tribeca

••• A heck of a rainbow photo, taken after yesterday’s storm by Brian Haklisch.

Rainbow over Tribeca by Brian Haklisch••• Something is opening at the former All Good Things/Kiki de Montparnasse space (102 Franklin), but that’s all I know for now. UPDATE: It’s a temporary home for the Swiss Institute gallery, which had recently been on Wooster (ArtNews).

••• The door replacement at 27 Desbrosses has included adding a lot of doors, and the effect is quite pleasant. The space looks like it’ll be retail of some kind, but the word is that there’s no tenant lined up. Given the location (at Washington), a restaurant makes more sense than a store. Back before Sandy, Anchor Bar’s Gunther Bilali was going to open a 1920s-style restaurant there, and then Ponte’s was said to be reopening there in a scaled-down version—but that’s evidently not the current plan. The first photo is from two weeks ago; the other three are from this week. (And that last one is just to highlight the nude.)

27 Desbrosses 27 Desbrosses doors 27 Desbrosses27 Desbrosses nude painting••• This goes under the same category as film/TV/advertising shoots: The band called Foals played a filmed concert at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater at 32 Sixth Ave. yesterday or possibly the day before.

Foals at PC Richard Theater••• This Thursday, July 28: You’re invited to share your thoughts on the city’s Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency Project. It’s 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Southbridge Towers (90 Beekman).

••• The doors were open at most of the Independence Plaza North retail spaces yesterday, so maybe there’s hope progress is being made.




  1. it might have already passed but I think that all good things space is going to be a sort of pop up flea market, but they might have found more permanent tenants since I heard about that…

  2. Take it with a pound of salt, but the baristas at Fika said they saw a bar going into 27 Desbrosses. Seems strange that it wouldn’t have come up in any public hearing yet.