Seen & Heard: Museum Debuts Appetizing Restaurant

••• The Museum of Jewish Heritage has a new café, Lox. It’s open during museum hours and you don’t have to you don’t have to buy a ticket to the museum to dine there. The menu looks appetizing….

Lox menu••• Remember that Port Authority police car that got stuck on a security bollard? A reader who saw it reports: “At first, there were lots of police standing around but nobody doing anything. An hour and a half later I walked back that way and the car was still there. They had backed a flatbed truck up to it and had some long planks that never would have held the weight of the car.” The reader’s point isn’t just to mock the ineptitude, but to raise a larger issue: “They’ve turned the neighborhood into this security nightmare, blocking legitimate local traffic, and they haven’t figured out what to do if this contraption is ever used (again). How secure is this site if terrorists can use decoy cars to jam up the entrances so that emergency vehicles can’t get through?”

Port Authority police car stuck at the WTC Port Authority police car stuck at the WTC2••• Reminder: This Saturday, many streets in Lower Manhattan are essentially being made car-free from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

••• Checking in on the Sanigronash, a.k.a. the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox National Shrine, at Liberty Park.

St Nicholas church from the east St Nicholas church from the west••• The windows have been covered at the small retail space at 4 World Trade Center that fronts the 9/11 Memorial, so maybe something is coming there.

4WTC retail space



  1. The Shared Streets page states “motorists are encouraged to drive 5 mph.” Encouraged? To obey an optional speed limit? How about begged, entreated, invited, or requested?