Seen & Heard: Indoor Golf Update

••• The New York City Economic Development Corporation sent notice to Community Board 1 that it plans to allow the Howard Hughes Corporation to demolish the Link Building so that the construction of the mall at Pier 17 can proceed.

NYCEDC notice re Link Building••• Eric Rems did some sleuthing about the indoor-golf facility rumored to be coming to Tribeca, deducing it must be Noho Rec Room (“to be located in lower Manhattan, opening in Q3 2016,” says its website). I contacted NRR and was told the lease isn’t signed yet, so we’ll have to wait for more info.

••• MB says that the Beekman hotel is only open to guests at this point, despite the announcement on Instagram. So you may have to wait a bit to explore it yourself.

••• The word from Tetsu, the Masa Takayama restaurant coming to 78 Leonard, is that it’s now hoping to open in early 2017. Last we heard, this was the plan for it. (Also, not to be confused with Sushi Tatsu, opening on Franklin.)

••• Commenting on the Ghost Town post about the desertification of Tribeca retail, Randy pointed out the existence of Vacant New York, a map that uses broker listings (and some legwork) to detail the drastic retail situation throughout Manhattan.

Vacant New York



  1. Glad I read this I was going to wander over to the Beekman at lunch! Thanks MB

  2. That map drastically understates the number of empty storefronts in Tribeca – e.g. look at Greenwich street…

  3. Looks like the real estate market requires serious correctives, presumably through legislation.
    The Map site mentions various proposed “carrot” and “stick” solutions, with qualifications that all are open to serious criticism.