New Kid on the Block: Pure Barre

Pure Barre TribecaThe owners of the FiDi location of the Pure Barre chain have opened their second studio, in the Reade Street space that was most recently the restaurant Lotus Blue.

Pure Barre workouts focus on small isometric movements, to work each muscle group throughout the body, with stretching after each session. “The goal is to create a longer, leaner physique,” says manager Morgan Berman. “And it’s low-impact, so there’s no jumping or anything like that.” The routine is similar from class to class, but the exercises themselves change. And barre workouts are about more than just the ballet barre. “There’s a barre for balance,” says Berman, “but with certain exercises, you don’t use the bar at all. We do a lot of ballet positions with Pilates techniques.” The FiDi studio also offers a cardio-driven class, called Platform, that will be coming to Tribeca in the next few months: “You’re going to build a sweat.”

The movements are a bit more natural for women, but men are definitely welcome. Berman says barre is great for cross-training, because very few athletic pursuits target small muscle groups the way it does.

The 55-minute classes are $34 a piece, with discounts if you buy packages. And there’s an ongoing special for new clients: $150 for a month of unlimited classes at the Tribeca and FiDi studios (after which you’re automatically enrolled at $259 per month).

Pure Barre is at 110 Reade (between W. Broadway and Church), 646-861-1253;

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