New Kid on the Block: Barre Tribeca

Barre Tribeca Lisa Stefanelli“It falls somewhere between yoga and Pilates,” says Lisa Stefanelli, describing the barre workout at the new Barre Tribeca, which she opened with fitness instructor Lisa Grossman and Pilates director Annette Fletcher. “Besides increasing flexibility, there’s a lot of resistance, and some weights. This is about fitness. It’s a workout, not about spiritual growth. In 55 minutes, you will sweat.”

In order to make room for Barre Tribeca, Stefanelli, an artist who lives in Tribeca, moved her painting studio since 2000 (on the second floor of the same building as Kula Yoga Project) to Dumbo. There are barres on two walls, balls and other equipment, a terrific orange floor, and two changing rooms. All in all, it’s a pretty low-key vibe compared to larger scale fitness options. “Is that intentional?” says Stefanelli, laughing. “Sure, mostly because I didn’t have $200,000 to put into it!” Of course, the relative lack of investment allows the barre classes to be just $25.

Barre classes have around 10 people max, which means the instructors are able to adjust everyone. Men are welcome, but Stefanelli concedes that barre tends to appeal to women. And starting October 1, Annette Fletcher will offer Pilates, one-on-one on the Reformer and in group mat classes (also $25). “She does one class at Pilates House on the Upper West Side that focuses on your feet—it’s amazing,” says Stefanelli.

Barre Tribeca is at 28 Warren (between Church and Broadway), second floor, 212-587-8822;

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