New Kid on the Block: Pho King

pho-king-interiorThe Vietnamese restaurant Pho King has opened at 111 Church, and it’s cuter inside than you might expect, given its history as Bangal Curry and the block in general. The place seats around twelve, and the proprietors, who used to have a Japanese establishment on St. Mark’s Place, were friendly—although when I said I thought the name was amusing, I got a somewhat blank response, so I took a couple of photos and left. Besides the signature soup, you’ll find banh mi, rice noodle dishes, and even Asian tacos. You can order for delivery by calling 212-406-8400 or looking online. (They said the restaurant is on Seamless, et al, but I wasn’t able to find it.) I haven’t tried the food yet—the menu is a bit animal-y for me—so please do let us know if Pho King was good for you.

Pho King is at 111 Church (bet. Murray and Park Place), 212-406-8400.

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  1. but do they deliver?

  2. Hard if not impossible to find good Vietnamese anywhere on the east coast.
    Looking forward to trying phoking out!

  3. I hope this place is Pho King good!

  4. anyone try this place yet?

  5. Ha! A reminder of the late Atlantic Avenue/Boerum Hill Chinese take-out “FU KING Food Shop”…As strategically-mounted as those letters were, I always wondered where the missing “C” went.

  6. Great name. It’s right up there with Wong Fook Hing Bookstore in Hong Kong and the Fook Hing Coffin and Casket shop in Malaysia.
    Nevertheless, I love Vietnamese food and will be sure to try them.

  7. I made the same comment about the similarity of the name to the sexual act, and the manager said they don’t pronounce it that way and seemed annoyed. I enjoyed the Pho very much. Very good broth and flavorful ingredients.