Seen & Heard: Target’s Opening Date

••• Maybe “Rainbow Umbrella” was a working name for the meal-delivery service at 56 Reade, where Grazin’ was, because a reader found the Seamless menu, and it’s called Authentic. UPDATE 9/23: Archie points out that it’s playing that same old Seamless game—it’s also listed as ‘Leafage.

56-reade••• Opening Oct. 2 at the Tribeca Synagogue: The Russian Jews of Brighton Beach: 1980-1982. “In the early 1980s, following a decade of settlement by Soviet Jews into Brighton Beach, Brooklyn—the largest such émigré enclave in the country—photographer [and Tribeca Trib editor] Carl Glassman set out on a two-year journey to document the lives of these new immigrants. From the boardwalk and many new businesses to home lives, worship services and spirited celebrations, he turned his lens on nearly every part of their world. Glassman’s images from that period will be on display from Oct. 2 to Oct. 30 at the Tribeca Synagogue, 49 White St. This will be the first exhibition of the photographs since the 1980s, when they traveled widely to museums and galleries around the country. […] The gallery is open during synagogue office hours, on view for those attending High Holiday services, or by appointment.”

russian-jews-of-brighton-beach-by-carl-glassman••• It appears that Target opens Oct. 9. (Did we know that already?) This billboard is on Varick north of the Holland Tunnel. Odd choice…. Doesn’t that audience already have Targets in New Jersey? UPDATE 9/23: After seeing something on Twitter about how the store is opening Oct. 5, I emailed the PR department. “The marketing for the store”—such as the billboard—”is for the grand opening day on Oct. 9, when the store will hand out reusable bags to guests and distribute plush Bullseye dogs to kids. Wednesday, Oct. 5 is the soft opening of the store, which is the first day that guests can come in and shop. For our new stores, we market the grand opening day as that Sunday so the team has a few days to get the store up and running. We will be doing a ribbon cutting on Oct. 5 at 9 a.m.” The store will generally be open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., but we’re waiting to hear whether you’ll be able to walk in at the stroke of 7 a.m. on Oct. 5.

target-billboard••• The new flood-control mechanisms at certain subway entrances are pretty unattractive. You’d think they could’ve at least matched the green.

subway-flood-control-device••• “This Sunday is the annual Tunnel to Towers run,” emailed Peter. “Haven’t seen you publish anything about it yet. The past few years there were a bunch of people complaining about how their lives were totally disrupted by the noise of the crowd and live music around the finish line. Perhaps you can give everyone a heads up so they have plenty of time to make other plans or at least buy ear plugs.”

••• “Soil testing for foundations for the future apartments in the vacant lot (according to the engineers working the machine),” reports P. about 100 Franklin (the two-triangle lot at Sixth Ave.). The lack of activity has been a mystery…. I’ve wondered whether the developer, DDG, was holding off while it dealt with issues at 180 E. 88th St., where another zoning variance caused an outcry. Soil testing usually predates the design phase, but what do I know about construction?




  1. This is a complicated site, with (i) fragile neighboring buildings whose owners do not have to allow possibly necessary underpinning and (ii) a subway tunnel which must be avoided, monitored, and protected during construction of the foundation. Many things could be holding up work.

  2. James would love to chat about your above comments if you care to

  3. It looks like Authentic is also called ‘Leafage on seamless. The apostrophe ensures it’s listed first in alphabetical order on seamless. I love the games these restaurants play.

  4. The bigger question when they lock the subways with the new flood control is where is the water going? Have neighbors protected their buildings? We are gonna need a bigger boat!