Seen & Heard: The Menu at Yves

••• Yves has posted a menu, so I suspect it’s open (or maybe the restaurant just posted it for the weekend’s Halloween crowds on Greenwich). The initial plan had for it to serve breakfast and lunch, too. I meant to ask owners Matt Abramcyk and Akiva Elstein whether the name Yves is a riff on Ivy’s…. UPDATE: Here’s the website, and the phone is 212-431-3385.

yves-restaurant-tribeca-dinner-menu••• Ninja has reopened after its rebuke buy the Health Department.

••• “Due to a few unexpected construction delays,” Canal Street Market is now hoping to open December 1.

••• Room is having a sample sale this week with “discounts up to 80%”—you’ll have to drop by to find out what the “from” number is.

••• Those of hoping that the debut of the Beekman hotel and its fancy restaurants would affect the retail situation across Nassau will be disappointed to learn that, according to N., an Edible Arrangements is opening across from the hotel entrance.

••• The former Dean’s pizzeria space at 349 Greenwich is being cleared out today (to become a children’s clothing store, I hear); the guys inside are trying to sell two big mirrors. One said the price is $700, but I think it’s highly negotiable, given the way he ran out to talk to me about it.




  1. I went to the new and improved Ivy’s, I mean Yves on Saturday night and it was tasty! I had the cod and the spaghetti squash, both delish! I also liked the drink “Boyfriend Material,” with the caveat that I like girlie drinks.

  2. lol @ edible arrangements….that is so random.

  3. And my excitement at having a new restaurant in the neighborhood is crushed by those prices. I was really hoping for a new, mid-price option.

  4. I am no expert, unless it involves putting things into my stomach – this menu needs serious work. A lotta of serious work. But what does my stomach or wallet know?