In the News: Subway Time Capsule in the World Trade Center

••• The new E train entrance at the World Trade Center contains a portion of the former World Trade Center. “That mottled, straw-colored travertine will tell them exactly where they are standing: within the last extant remnant of the original World Trade Center, a portion of the concourse that looks just as it did in the 1970s. […] After the twin towers were destroyed on Sept. 11, 2001, the passageway was closed. It reopened for a few years as a temporary connection between the subway and PATH commuter rail systems, then was closed to permit construction of the hub. During that time, the travertine, handrails and doors were covered in protective plywood.” The New York Times calls it the Chambers Street stop (accurate for riders of the A and C trains), but it’s the World Trade Center stop for E trains and Park Place for 2 and 3 trains. That whole station complex needs a rethink on the naming and signage…. Above: BrianMercy1022’s video of the new passageway (I’d recommend starting at the 5:00 mark).

••• The Tribeca Trib posted a 1998 article by Oliver E Allen: “When City Hall Park Was ‘The Fields,’ a Tumultuous Place in American History.”

••• The post-Sandy repair of the 2/3 tunnel between Manhattan and Brooklyn will not only close the tunnel on weekends, it’ll also mean trains “bypass Park Pl.-Fulton St. and Wall St. stations [….] The weekend service changes will last just over a year [….] For those looking for a quiet weekend in the Brooklyn countryside, the MTA is providing free, overland transfers between the 4 and 5 Bowling Green stop and the 1, 2, and R trains at the Whitehall Street-South Ferry 1 station. […] The closures are expected to persist for 56 consecutive weekends beginning in June.” —Downtown Express