Seen & Heard: More Windblown Debris

Note: I normally run one Seen & Heard post per day, but I walked around today after being gone last week, and there’s enough to warrant a bonus post.

••• “A bunch of material flew off the roof of the beige brick building on Thomas St. between Church and W. Broadway,” emailed S. this afternoon. “Moments later firefighters showed up and and have had the street blocked off for the past 25 minutes or so.” That’s the second such incident today. I’ll say it again: Be careful out there!

••• Antique Garage looks very close to opening.

••• No clue what these kids were doing, but it’s pretty cute (as long as you weren’t dining at that time). Thanks to M. M. De Voe of Pen Parentis for the photo.

••• Spike Lee’s Netflix series update of his She’s Gotta Have It (“SGHI” on the permit”) is filming in the Greenwich/Franklin area tomorrow.

••• A couple of photos of 70 Vestry, from the northeast and the northwest (a.k.a. the West Street median):

••• I was peeking inside the old Dylan Prime space yesterday, looking for evidence of something happening there, when I saw blueprints with “Proposed Floor Pan” at the bottom.


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  1. The scaffolding on Broadway side of 5 Franklin place was just dangling and flopping around during the storm yesterday. One piece flew off and hit a pedestrian. I just put in a 311 complaint with DOB. These scaffolding once put stay for years. *sigh*