Seen & Heard: The New Restaurant in Truffles Tribeca

••• The forthcoming restaurant in Truffles Tribeca from Tom Galis of the Greek has a name (Greca) and some nifty pre-opening signage (thanks to R. for the photo). The DJ pictured by the door, however, might give Community Board 1 pause. In December, Galis told Community Board 1 that the place would be “more Mediterranean than 100% Greek,” said that it would have occasional acoustic music; the “DJ” box was checked on the application, but Galis convinced the committee that he was referring to himself playing records he loves, not some dude blasting EDM. (And I still think the ‘Living room/lounge” in the floor plan looks like a pretty big bar area.)

••• A different R. sent a photo of Saturday’s flyover.

••• In November, White Street restaurant announced that it was only doing private parties through the holiday season. What I wrote back then: “The owners have clearly been open to change—a plan to turn it into an outpost of the Ainsworth fell through—so the question isn’t really whether it’ll be revived as its former self (no restaurant on Earth closes for two busy months and then reopens for a dead one), but instead what form the space will take if/when it does reopen.” Well, it looks like the owners have decided to move on.

••• Fashion designer Erin Fetherston is moving her office out of its space above what used to the Butterfly. I wonder whether the restaurant taking the ground floor—Attraversiamo, a sister to Terra across the street—will get a second floor.

••• Opening March 30 at hpgrp Gallery: “Photographer Sarai Mari who will be holding a two week show in conjunction with the release of her second book, Speak Easy, via Damiani Books. The exhibit will be showing about 20-25 photographs from the book.”

••• I think 261 Hudson—Related’s rental building between Canal and Spring—turned out quite nicely. The only part I don’t like is the texturing of the gray brick. It just wasn’t necessary. Is there an architectural version of Coco Chanel’s famous dictum, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”?



  1. How long do you think the Atlas Acon Electric building will last?

  2. Erik,

    Love the Chanel reference in an architectural context! :)

    Design is not too bad but agree that the grey texture makes it look a bit strange. Would have looked far better if they kept things simple and replaced the grey with the light sand color.

    Building would have felt more contextually grounded with the neighborhood as well…

  3. Does that Related building block the windows at 22 Renwick as anticipated?