Seen & Heard: Teen Arrested

••• Well, that evidently worked even better than I hoped. Remember, April Fool’s Day is not simply about tricking people. It’s about reminding them to click through and read to the end before they freak out.

••• Regarding the teenagers causing trouble in Battery Park City and Tribeca…. “One of the purported gang members, [name redacted], was arrested for assaulting another boy, I believe in a restaurant,” commented HL Bingcroft. “I hear he will be tried as an adult.” (The Tribeca Trib says it was for “aggravated harassment.”) And yesterday, I spoke with someone who has a lot of info about the gang, and as you point out, it’s more serious than has been indicated. If anyone else has information, I can connect you with the person I spoke with. And if you are the victim of criminal or threatening activity—or if you see it happening to someone else—call 911. The NYPD is, in fact, being forced to deal with it, and the more incidents that get reported, the better.

••• The Fika on Duane, just west of Foley Square, has closed, presumably as part of its retrenchment (although it could’ve closed many months ago—I don’t walk on that block often).

••• Fourteenjay salon, Distilled, and KettleSpace are three Tribeca businesses participating in’s Equal Pay Day promotion today, in which customers get 20% off to draw attention to the average 20% pay gap between men and women. (“If you break the pay gap down by race and ethnicity, it is even worse,” says the release. “Black women are paid 37% less and Hispanic women are paid 46% less.”) A map with all the businesses citywide is here.

••• Looks like the Roxy Hotel is adding more signage.

••• An amusing story….



  1. Fika has been closed for several months. I remember it going out of business as early as Dec 2016.

    Walked by Lot Less on chambers this morning and saw We Work (shared work space) signage on window.

    Also walked by Tracy Anderson smoothie shop near Church and Leonard, they got an A grade.

  2. Closing the NOBU in Tribeca was a crime.

  3. New signage on the Roxy looks great.
    Classic neon.

    And I am biased because I love the Roxy’s 2 (two!) floors of live jazz.