New Kid on the Block: Best Friends Pet Adoption Center

Best Friends Animal Society, the widely admired animal-rescue organization, has opened its first adoption center in New York City, on W. Broadway just above Canal. If you think animal shelters are depressing, this one will change your mind: It’s bright and clean and joyful. (Some of the animals come from partner organizations.) There are even “meeting rooms” where you—and your pet, if you like—can get to know an adoptee before committing to it. The goal of Best Friends isn’t just to get you to adopt; it’s to make the entire country stop killing animals due to lack of space by 2025. There are many ways to help, including donating, fostering a pet, and volunteering. The kittens, for example, need to be fed every two hours in order to survive, so volunteers are on-site 24 hours a day.

Best Friends is at 307 W. Broadway (between Grand and Canal); 347-762-3678;

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  1. At last! Some GOOD NEWS!
    Thank you for posting, Erik….

  2. Thank you for sharing, Erik! Isn’t it beautiful?? They’re also always in need of volunteers (cat care, dog walkers–no minimum amount of hours per month), foster homes, and even auction items for their many events–so many ways to get involved. :)

  3. Best Friends is a great organization and I’m glad to see their expansion in NYC. However, there is already a nice animal shelter/adoption center nearby. Animal Haven has been in Soho for more than ten years and relocated to their new facility at the corner of Centre and Hester Streets last August.

    • As far as animal welfare/rescue sites – the more the merrier!

    • I agree the more the merrier and if one Shelter sees that a person is not finding the right fit at their Shelter, they should refer them to the Shelter around the corner. I hope both Shelter s do that.